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How to Use Sparkler Candles: Your Complete Guide

Celebrations are always fun, especially when there’s cake involved! Since almost all celebrations feature a cake, how can you make it even more special? Well, sparkling candles are a fantastic way to add even more excitement to your big day. For a fabulous, glittering effect, swap out traditional wax candles for some sparkling candles to make your cake even more memorable! 
But are these sparkling candles as easy to use as regular candles? How do you light them? Do you need to put them out? Where can you buy them? Read on to discover the answers to all these questions!


Why choose sparkling candles?

We do many things each day out of habit – we can even guess what our birthday candles will look like. But with just a little extra thought, you can elevate your event to another level. Surely birthdays, weddings, graduations, retirement and anniversary parties are the ideal time to go all in and make it special? Sparkling candles are the best way to add some excitement, display a little personality, and set your event apart from the crowd (they also make for great photos!).
When people gather to celebrate someone they love, it’s the ceremony of the cake everyone remembers. At a birthday party, everyone sings to the birthday girl or boy. At a wedding, the happy couple cut the cake and take a tone of photos. Cakes are always a big part of any party, so why not make sure all your guests remember this as the best one? 



How to Light a Sparkling Candle

Stick your sparkling candle into your cake before you light them. If you have more than one candle, place each one around 5 millimeters into the cake’s surface. Keep the candles on a secure, flat surface and make sure each one can stand on its own before you light them.
Strike a match or flick a lighter and hold it to the end of the candle’s wick (Top portion). Be sure to hold the lighter or matchstick at a 90-degree angle by the edge of the stick.



How to Extinguish a Sparkling Candle

Sparkling candles tend to go out by themselves, although it is worth waiting a couple of minutes, just to be sure! Sparkling candles often have magnesium powder in them, which means they may reignite, so put them in a bowl or on a plate away from your guests when you take them out just in case there are any lingering sparks.  



How long do sparkling candles work?

Sparkling candles last between 30 seconds and 1 minute, which is plenty of time to sing, take pictures and generally make a spectacle of the special person! Our candles come in three different sizes, so you can choose depending on how long you want them to burn.
Our small candles last 30-45 seconds, our medium last 45-60 seconds, and our large candles last for over a minute.



How many sparkling candles can I use?

It’s a good idea to select a small number of candles and avoid going overboard. They’re fairly spectacular, even if you only use one!
While it may sound like a fun idea to have ten candles in a single cake, it may be difficult to carry the cake, and you’ll have difficulty getting them to burn at the same time.
If you want to use more than 4 candles, it’s a good idea to have another person to help you light them. Trying to light them all with one hand will mean they all burn at different times. 



Where can I buy sparkler candles?

You can buy sparkler candles from us here at Supreme Black Fox along with a huge range of other party décor (see our full range of sparkling candles here). Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday or simply want an eye-catching dinner party centerpiece, we’ve got what you need. Choose from silvergold or multicolored, and packs of threefour or six candles, depending on how big your cake is!
Illuminate your party with sparkling candles to make it an unforgettable celebration!